My fiction

I’ve been publishing science fiction and fantasy in Croatian since 2005, but I have been writing it since my late teens. My work in Croatian has been published in several collections and literary magazines and I’ve received seven Croatian SF literary awards for my short fiction.

As far as writing in English goes, my first sale was to Villainous Press’ collection Steampunk: The Other Worlds. Inside you can find my steampunk tale of sea adventure and terror, “Ayelen“.

Two of my stories can be found in Parsek fanzine’s international issues (127 and Worldcon 2017).

During the 2020 Croatian lockdown I participated in the Decameron 2020 online literary event. I published two stories, originally in Croatian and then in English when it was decided the initiative’s entire literary output would be translated and made available to English-reading audiences. My stories The Box and The Hanging Man can be found at the links.

I also collaborrated on a dark urban fantasy novel with several other authors under the joint nome de plume Fluminati. The English version of Flumen Obscura (translated by yours truly) can be downloaded for free here.