My translations

I’ve translated over a hundred short stories and novellas as well as a number of novels and comics for several renowned Croatian publishers.

The short stories and novellas were published by Croatian publisher Hangar 7 in their science fiction magazine Sirius B, their Titan anthologies, and their Nebula, Philip K. Dick and Aliette de Boddard collections.

Most of my early and part of my current output as a translator of novels is for Hangar 7 as well. Currently the list includes Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle novels, Brandon Sanderson’s Final Empire, Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, Gareth L. Powell’s Embers of War, and Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Time and Children of Ruin.

I also have experience with translating thrillers and crime novels for several other Croatian publishers. Authors I have so far translated include Angela Marsons, Riley Sager, Kerry Lonsdale, Samantha Downing, Lucinda Berry and others.

And I’ve been translating Croatian fiction into English as well. My biggest work so far in this area has been the novel Flumen Obscura, available for free here.