A Town Called River

A Town Called River is my first novel, an urban fantasy adventure about Paul, a Croatian ex-pat who returns to his home town of Rijeka after having lived abroad for two decades and a bit more. He’s back only temporarily, because his grandma Lena died and he was named in her will.

Thing is… Paul finds out he inherited more than just his nona’s apartment. He inherited her magical powers.

Lena was a krsnik – a traditional magic user from Slavic folklore tasked with keeping humans safe from things that go bump in the night – and her powers and obligations and duties are thrust upon Paul now who will have to decide what he wants to do with them; that is, if he wants to have any business with them at all in the first place…

ATCR contains krsniks, witches, creatures supernatural, dead, and not so dead, and also real life locations in Rijeka and its environs, as well as the occasional description of tasty food. While there’s definitely elements of horror in there because I like scary stuff, there’s also mysteries uncovered and stumbled upon, fights fought in some unexpected places, friendships made, and folk stories revealed to be true. I did my best to make it a fun, adventurous romp and I really hope you’ll like it.

I’ve made a short Spotify playlist for the book. It contains some songs that appear directly in the story, others that are only mentioned in passing, and some that are just there for the mood. At the end of the book you’ll find a rundown of all the songs and why they’re in the playlist.

The novel can be bought – in epub formats or print-on-demand paperback – from my amazing publisher Shtriga Books.