A Town Called River coming November 2021!

My first novel is coming out in less than two months, courtesy of Shtriga Books. Am I excited? Oh yes.

It started with me coming up with the title after explaining to foreigners that Rijeka, the town in question and my birthplace literally means “River” in Croatian. A town called river, now that sounded cool to me. So when I went to scratch an itch and try my hand at urban fantasy, and when I decided to set it someplace that isn’t the US or UK, that title popped back up and that was it.

For a bit more about the novel and also about me, check out the interview on my publisher’s webpage.

Here’s the back copy:

Returning to his hometown of Rijeka, Croatia, to wrap things up after his grandmother’s passing, Paul gets more than he expected in terms of inheritance—way more than just a stuffy old apartment downtown. The legacy of his grandmother’s work as a krsnik—a traditional magic user tasked with keeping the thin line between the humans and the things that prey on them—falls on his shoulders, threatening to change everything he thought he knew about life, the city he left behind so long ago, and himself. As the line keeps getting thinner, it’ll soon be up to Paul, with help from some unexpected (and witchy) places, to prove worthy of his legacy while fighting for the city’s humanity, and trying not to lose his own along the way.

Here’s the cover by the amazing Korina Hunjak.

So pretty *.*

ATCR will be available in e-pub and print on demand from this November. There will be a chance to pre-order in late October, more info on that as I get it. Meanwhile, you can find the book on Storygraph and Goodreads.

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